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About Us

Atelier Via Serica (AVA) is an omnichannel marketing and sales platform that helps emerging artists and designers navigate the business side of building their brand. AVA is a member of the Propel Incubator of Western University and work closely with Fashion Zone of Ryerson University and the Toronto Fashion Incubator. AVA is currently bringing emerging Asian artists and designers to Canada and the U.S. to help them build their brand presence and increase revenue. AVA has been invited to cover New York Fashion Week and is working with the Cultural Ministry of China and Korea to promote international creators.

Working at Atelier Via Serica

Atelier Via Serica will provide candidates with the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills within the industry. Everyone at AVA is given a voice and autonomy to share their ideas within a start-up environment.

Opportunities Available:

  1. Partnership Coordinator
  2. Events Coordinator
  3. Editorial Contributor
  4. Model
  5. Makeup Artists
  6. Visual Creator: Photographer/Videographer