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Makeup Artists

About Us

Atelier Via Serica (AVA) is an omnichannel marketing and sales platform that helps emerging artists and designers navigate the business side of building their brand. AVA is a member of the Propel Incubator of Western University and work closely with Fashion Zone of Ryerson University and the Toronto Fashion Incubator. AVA is currently bringing emerging Asian artists and designers to Canada and the U.S. to help them build their brand presence and increase revenue. AVA has been invited to cover New York Fashion Week and is working with the Cultural Ministry of China and Korea to promote international creators.


Makeup Artist

AVA is looking for individuals to join as a volunteer to create visuals as makeup artists for emerging and established designers. Candidates will be provided an opportunity to help promote international art and culture. Candidates will work alongside the studio team to create dynamic visuals. Photos and videos will be used in printed journals, online promotions, and shop windows. Models may also have the opportunity to work with our public institution sponsors as well as at events. All contributors will be credited for their work. We value diversity in our models across body types, race, and styles.


  1. Help develop photo and video concepts.
  2. Ensure that AVA’s creators’ visions are translated.
  3. Apply makeup for photo and video shoots.
  4. Act as an alias for AVA at fashion shows, art exhibitions, and other industry events.
  5. Represent AVA in a professional manner.

What We Are Looking For:

  1. Knowledge of makeup application.
  2. Able to work independently and on a team.
  3. Time management skills and ability to juggle multiple project deadlines.
  4. Experience in visual production is an asset.
  5. Comfortable in front of a camera.
  6. Fluency in a second language is an asset.

Please submit your photo portfolio. Photo Portfolio must include at least 8 photos across four aesthetics (ex. Business, Formal, Semi-Formal, Intimate, Casual, etc.). Email your Portfolio and Resume to with the subject line of “Makeup_First Name_ Last Name ”. Applicants will be evaluated on a rolling basis. Apply as early as possible.