Our Story

Atelier Via Serica (AVA) takes its name from the ancient Silk Road. Like its namesake, Atelier Via Serica aims to facilitate global trade and the exchange of art and culture. AVA helps emerging creators make sense of the increasingly complex globalized market through omnichannel marketing, business consulting, logistics processing, and online and offline sales. AVA ensures that customers are able to find ethically sourced high-quality products produced by emerging and luxury designers.

Shirley Chen started Atelier Via Serica with the goal of helping emerging creators through omnichannel marketing and sales as well as business consulting. A team of talented individuals from top Canadian Universities was formed after acquaintances in the art and fashion industries reached out for business advisory during their study at Ivey Business School in Canada. Brought together by their passion for helping others, the AVA team bring their business experience to help shed light on the complexity of the global creative industries, allowing artists and designers to focus and grow their businesses.